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ABS 5.0 Cloud Computing Hotel Front Desk System

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ABS 5.0 Cloud Computing Hotel Front Desk System

The following are some of the key features in ABS Front Office System

✓ Make / View Room Reservation by all status, by date, by Month.

✓ Check in with using MyKad by walk in, history & reservation record.

✓ Multi Level of User Security ( Manager, Supervisor, Front Counter Staff ).

✓ Audit Trail Report ( Checking on front counter transaction activity ). ✓ Expected Arrival & Departure Guest listing.

✓ In House, Today Check in & Check out Guest Listing.

✓ Day Use & Complementary Guest Listing.

✓ Black listed customer list.

✓ City Ledger / Corporate / Travel Ledger Account Sales Report.

✓ Room availability by date, by month listing.

✓ Room Folio Balance.

✓ Able to Split Folio & Receipt.

✓ Cashier Shift Summary & details report.

✓ Manager Report with Occupancy rate & number of rooms sold details.

✓ Source of business, Market segment report.

✓ Monthly Government Tax ( SST or GST ) & Heritage Tax Report.

✓ Integration with electronic signing pad and passport reader.

✓ Integration with self check in kiosk system.

✓ Channel Manager Integration.

✓ Membership Loyalty System.

* Ad Hoc Express check in button.
* Multiple room rate plan system.
* Real Time User Footprint Tracker system.
* Group reservation, Check in and Check out Details.
* Before arrival guest Pre Check in module.



Main Screen

Login screen is neat, easy to understand and user-friendly in every way.

It reduces the training time and cuts down the training cost, even the low-skilled workers can smoothly complete the check-in, reservation, check out processes without difficulty.






Room Reservation

The design of “View Room Reservation” screen mimics calendar view, with room statuses and hotel guests’ name shown at each room column. The screen looks clearer for the end users and all operations are just a few mouse clicks away.







The check-in process is greatly simplified with the use of myKad and passport reader. Every important detail is captured within minutes without hassle.







Room Rack

Our graphical room rack display for all room statuses grants access to frequently-used features from within. This is the signature feature of ABS Front Desk System where users never took more than 1 minute to learn.

Each and every color is descriptive by itself, our power set of icons offer the best user experience in its class. It is rich in information with the least steps to get things done.





In-house Guest

Staying guests’ details and color code of room status are shown on “In-house Guest Screen” with/without remarks. For example, you can remark certain guest as VIP or other requests like the need for transportation to airport can be noted as well. With these important guest information, hotel operator can provide better services and achieve guest satisfaction.





Check-out/ Post Charges

Front desk staff can post charges like phone calls, minibar items, extra bed and other chargeable services, complete with the whole room transaction and do printing of folio and receipt. With the feature of splitting the room folio, counter staff can issue separate bills for those guests who need to claim their bill from their company. Payment can be made by cash, credit card, traveller cheque or charged into City Ledger account.





User Security Settings

Hotel manager is able to assign counter staff and supervisors with the appropriate system privileges using this control. Manager can then monitor the counter staff activities and track the audit trial report for any unauthorized amendments by the front counter staff. This feature greatly prevents the hotel from suffering unwanted losses.




October 23, 2015


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